1. U R The 1

From the recording Good Company

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U R The 1

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U R The 1
Words & music by Rich Wyman

Don't try to sell me something I don't need
Don't try to tell me I've got to believe
Into my life, into my heart
What'll you do there but just tear it apart
Something so real, something so strong
It could make a steel man want to belong
And I don't care, I don't care
Whether it's day or night or we're out anywhere

U R The 1 who knocks me over
U R The 1 who knocks me out
U R The 1 I'll not get over
U R The 1 U R The 1

Is it so easy to be so blue
Or does it take practice to be like you
Day in day out you sit and you pout
You bitch and you whine about your miserable life
Saying what could it be, what's it about me
That keeps me scratching the skin 'til it's bleeding
Saying Life isn't fair Life isn't fare
What would I do if you had never been there


Could I be out of my mind
Could I be falling in love