1. Guantanamo

From the recording Good Company

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words and Music by Rich Wyman

I am not a man
I am not a face
You don't know who I am
But you keep me in this place
The whole world can see
The empire has no clothes
The land of the free shall forever be known
Not as the land of the free but as the land of Guantanamo

I was just a boy
Obedient son I did what i was told
Die in the fight let god take my soul
Look at far we've come
How far we've gone
Together we fall
And together we go
Into hell with us all hell's here and now in Guantanamo

In your silence you agree
Do what you what just don't let us see
Toady it's me tomorrow it's you
If I was your son what would you do
Will you speak out when they come for your friends
Will you speak out when they come for your foes
Who will speak out when they come for you
And as the list of the enemies grows
You're already here you just don't know in Guantanamo