1. 100 Years

From the recording Good Company

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100 Years

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100 Years
Words & Music by Rich Wyman

I was staring at the wall today
I was hoping it would go away
All those faces of my family
Smiling staring back at me

I was staring at my face today
It seems all my hair is turning grey
And it troubles me to face the facts
Now there's never turning back

No I don't believe anything's coming around here no more
No I don't believe anything's coming to stay
Whatever's coming
It's less than 100 years away

I was thinking about your smile today
You know it makes everything OK
Cause even when I'm torn up inside
You are always on my side

You say you've got to fill your heart with love today
And that'll make everything OK
But when the shit hits the fan
There ain't any other man can take that away


You've got to come back here tomorrow
And look me in the eyes
And tell me what is happening to our lives
Cause I don't want to stay here if we won't survive
Like all the other heroes just take my picture and put me on the wall